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Game News

The Guild

Welcome to the official webpage of the Ascended Brotherhood. While the official launch of SW:TOR might be a few weeks off, we're getting started with organizing our group.

We're a raiding/pvp guild. We plan on doing Flashpoints in an organized form at least weekly. I'd also like to see us do organized PvP at least once a week.

Server: Sword of Ajunta Pall

The Leadership

Your guild leaders (Necros and Sion) are old World of Warcraft raiders and plan to bring that experience into SW:TOR. Sion plans on tanking and Necros will be doing heals.

The Rules - Short Version

  • Be mature.
  • Be considerate to fellow players.
  • Be active.
  • Follow Wheaton's Law.
Guild News

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

DarthNecros, Nov 29, 11 5:38 PM.
Site has gone live! MINGLE DAMN YOU!
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